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End of an era...

Meilan posted Apr 17, 18

Four years after the merge of Destiny Ascendant and Nexus X and three years after I took over as GM, we came to the hard and bit sad decision that we have to move on into another road. The lack of new content, and therefore lack of new players and leaving of old ones made it hard to keep the guild activities going and interesting for everyone. Add some changes in the personal lifes of some of the officers to that and here we are.

We talked about merging with Twin Suns Squadron (TSS) already in the past and now the time has come to go through with it. We will merge with TSS. We will move in to their website, TS and ingame guild.

See more info here.

Tyth HM is down!

Meilan posted Feb 25, 18

Ivo GZ

We had a nice four years with worse and better times, but we survived everything and also the years with less content. Not much guilds can say that too. Happy 4th Birthday of Dauntless and thanks to everyone who make the guild go on and flourish! 

Kephess is no more!

Meilan posted Feb 19, 18

It took a lot of determination, patience and many evenings of wiping, but we did it! Kephess (EC NiM) is no more!

Thanks to the Dauntless Knights Argentium, Asterio, Abraxarr, Kel'rati, Jaylix, Zekot, Nox'tiria, Jedi, Macewindy, Ivo and despite yours truly tanking. 

Well done guys and girls!

Ivo GZ boys and girls

Colonel Vorgath NiM down!

Meilan posted Jan 15, 18

Next stop: Warlord Kephess!

krumbar Good job guys!
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