I made a new topic: [link] Hope it's more clear now.
2) maybe update main post with people that are considered part of progression so those who joined once or twice know they need to apply to get invites and stuff
well i have 2 suggestions: 1) if possible clear the old replies to progression post to make it easier to read
Double XP is back! Enjoy double experience, Command Experience, and more for one week. This event will run from 1/23 – 2/1.
I made 2 new posts with as content that i updated the main post. ;-)
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Colonel Vorgath NiM down!

Meilan posted Jan 15, 18

Next stop: Warlord Kephess!

krumbar Good job guys!

The insatiable blood thirst of our Dauntless knights, Asterio, Ivo, Nox, Valkhira, Na'meena, Argentium, Abraxarr and Meilan, made two new victims last night. Firebrand and Stormcaller NiM are no more! 

Dauntless strikes again!

Meilan posted Jan 8, 18

Our triomphe tour continued! Grob’Thok & Corruptor Zero NiM are no more! Thanks to our Dauntless Knights: Asterio, Ivo, Nox, Valkhira, Kelrati, Argentium, Abraxarr and Meilan.

Last night the Dauntless Knights Asterio, Nox'tiria, Valkhira, Kaz'kah, Kel'rati, Argentium, Abraxarr and yours truly killed Draxus. A Nightmare it was, but at the end we were still standing and Draxus was not... Gratz all on this great achievement!

Kel'rati Thank you all :)
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