Beginning next Tuesday there is another unlimited crafting conquest week. We will be trying to win another planet, so stock your cargo bays with mats, crafting prefabs and lets prepare to go rampage!

In case of another win (and who would doubt that?) we have decided to again reward our bravest battlers, with more and even bigger prizes this time:

1st: 5M credits

2nd: 4,5M

3rd: 4M

4th: 3,5M

5th: 3M

6th: 2,5M

7th: 2M

8th: 1,5M

9th: 1M

10th: 500K

Ranking is based on your total earned conquest points from your whole legacy (in guild).

Xentunin has excluded himself from the contest. On top of this, Xen will reward a prize of 50M credits if someone can beat his points total (as long as we win).

So this is on top of the already very awarding rewards you get from the game by completing your personal objective.

For more info about conquest, see here.

This week is Trade Emporium, see details here.

Let's make Dauntless glorious once more and let our enemies tremble!

Every badass hero or villain of note has his or her own theme song. Ranging from Darth Vader to Superman, or even Buffy the vampire slayer. Each has a song that conveys the spirit and the nature of that character to the audience.

Now we know this guild is filled to the brinks with heroes and heroines of our own. In fact, the frontpage here is proof alone that our we perform our heroics in the various operations and war-zones every week! Now however, it is your chance to show off the theme song of your very own hero! And know what else? The top 3 most suiting songs win a prize!

  • First place         : 3 DMC's
  • Second place    : 2 DMC's
  • Third place        : 1 DMC

Find more information HERE.

Once again, we came, we saw, we conquered. While the other planets were hard fought to the end our enemies knew they had no chance against us.

If you hit your conquest target this week, make sure to log in during the next 3 days to recieve your legacy title. Congratulations to Meilan for winning my little competition (though he failed to beat my score to win an additional 20m credits), with Abrax second and Kel third. Kel also wins the bonus prize for highest score on an individual toon..

Top 3 (myself excluded) this week:
Meilan 2.540.682
Abraxar 2.337.390
Kel'rati 2.125.917 (769.366 on a single toon)

Great work everyone!

xentunin This victory beyond top everyone who took part, not just the highest scorers! There is another crafting conquest coming...
Scyree Ok I officially Love this guild!!!! Best guild ever! I got half way to my personal goal, without the craft skill maxed s...
Apollo /does a happy dance. Seriously, thank you for putting in so much effort on getting that conquest title :)

Titans of Dauntless!

Meilan posted Sep 26, 16

Starting tomorrow, it's the Titans of Industry conquest week.

This is your chance to turn all this war supplies you have been stockpiling into invasion forces, meaning big points and easy rewards for you and hopefully another big win for Dauntless!

If possible, set some of your toons precrafting, so you can log in Tuesday afternoon and put your points on the board straight away.

As an added incentive, this week only, Xentunin is putting up a prize pool of 6 million credits, to be distributed among the 3 highest point scorers in the guild, but only if we win!

Get preparing and help Dauntless conquer again!

Dathira IS it legacy wide, or just one toon?
xentunin I am also willing to put up an additional prize fund though...20m credits to anyone who outscores me (assuming we win of...
xentunin To clarify, I am excluded from the prize pool, everyone else, including GM and officers are eligible. Prize is by legacy...
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